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it’s all in the details

In anticipation of doing my first wedding I decided that I would build some of my ‘details’ work and also thought this would be a good time to start trying manual focus (which I LOVED by the way).
So yes, this is a post entirely dedicated to my lovely shoes ;) I couldn’t decide which detail shot I liked the best so I compiled a few of my faves…which one do you like best?

i just realized I missed one of my faves…here it is:

take me to the beach ;)

One of the awesome things about being a mum is being able to see all of Gracen’s ‘firsts’ and this weekend we decided it was perfect for Gracen’s first trip to the beach. Gracen was absolutely in love, as soon as we got to the beach he stood at the shoreline and gasped (the picture is below) and then he would run to the beach, and count down “three, two, one!” and run into the water, it was so adorable! We didn’t get to stay too long, him having the attention span of a toddler and all…but it was fun to experience it with him. When we went to the beach we asked him if it made him happy and since then, everything has become ‘happy’, he says it all day long!
Here is our day in pictures:

The bottom picture is a house that survived through hurricane ike, and now stands on the beach (because the beach ‘moved’) it was so sad to see someones home, just sitting there, abandoned. But it was also great to see surfside beach busy again. So much has already been rebuilt that there are only these few lasting reminders from the hurricane. And by the way, the picture above the house is Gracen’s “cheese!” face…I love it.

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