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{engaged} jeremy+larissa

finishing up the final edits for this session, and wanted to leave you with one last preview…larissa’s told me that sunsets were one of their ‘things’ so we waited a little longer so we could get this last shot…I think it was worth running in the middle of the street for!

{e-session} jeremy+larissa

larissa first contacted me to ask about second shooting for me, which she did in matt+rachel’s wedding back in december. Right before we shot the wedding together she contacted me to let me know that she was getting married and wanted me to be their photographer! We had to reschedule the session a couple of times due to the weather, but we finally got a nice, sunny day – it was waaaaay overdue for me, I’m ready for winter to be over!
I am sooo excited about their gorgeous wedding coming up this year – as you can see these two are absolutely gorgeous and I had so much fun during the shoot…the kinda fun where your face hurts from smiling so much ;)
so here it is…

if you want to check out some of larissa’s work…here it is

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