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project 52: week forty two

family is…support

project 52: week forty is support

**catching up from the last few weeks**

One of the biggest blessings I have received over the last few months since Deacon was born has been support. Of all of the support I received, the biggest blessing has been my mother-in-law. She has been driving the 4 hours from Tulsa every few weeks to spend the weekend here. Allowing us the get a date night, share the load with the kids and even sleep in on a Saturday morning!

It has truly blessed us and I cannot imagine how we would adjust to life with three, 4 and under without her help. It’s pretty crazy how much difference one extra child has made…well, one extra child who, at 5 months is still not sleeping through the night! It actually makes me really excited to be a grandparent one day. Yeah, I’m getting a little ahead of myself there…kinda wish I could skip the good ole teenage years and go straight to being a grandparent, being able to support my kids and then give the grandkids back after the weekend ;)

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this week i…

englexas Little Rock lifestyle blog

Discovered GSE. From my research I gathered that there are some mixed opinions on this, but everyone I’ve talked to who has used it raves about how amazing it is. I got pretty sick this week so started it a little late, but within 2 days I was feeling much better.

I needed a good laugh and this story had me rolling!!
englexas Little Rock lifestyle blog
I made this roasted chicken recipe, and it was amazing

I realized that I never told you guys about that one time I got to take some pics for a blog I love, the posts are here and here and here

I signed up for the Fatmumslim Gift Exchange…I think it’s such an amazing concept and I’m so excited to buy someone a gift! And receive one too ;)
englexas Little Rock lifestyle blog
We visited Little Rock Zoo over the weekend and it was great, the kids had such a great time and we got to enjoy the cooler temperatures as a family. Be warned though, the alligator feeding is exactly what you think it is…an alligator chomping on dead rats…I’m traumatized!

This happened…

so I needed to purchase new make-up and on the recommendation of some friends I decided to go with Bare Escentuals…I’ll let you know how it goes!

AND…now that the babe is getting a little older it’s time for me to devote more time to photography so if you are looking to have fall/holiday pictures, let me know!!

[this was supposed to be posted last saturday, and will become a weekly feature over here]

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