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choosing a photographer // don’t do what we did!

**for the month of March we will be sharing some of our photography tips and tricks. This first post is for those of you looking to hire a wedding photographer**

One thing we hear SUPER frequently with wedding photography from brides is that they are going to have their friend “who is just starting out but is really good” do their wedding. Now, hear me on this…in the beginning I was that friend. I did a few weddings for free in the beginning just to have images to use for my portfolio so this isn’t a bashing post against using your free friends to photograph your wedding. Everybody’s got to start somewhere and I get that. However, I hear stories all the time from married people who wish they hadn’t chosen their friend to shoot their wedding and had instead cut cost in other areas so that they could pay for a professional photographer. If you really think about it, your wedding dress will sit in a box on a shelf for the next 30 years, the cake will be eaten in 10 minutes flat and people won’t talk for years about how amazing your DJ was. But people will always want to see your wedding pictures…we’ve been married for 10 years and I just had a friend come over last week and she asked to see our wedding pictures. As you can tell, I’m pretty passionate about this topic…I wonder why?!

When Gabriel and I got married 10 years ago we had no money and we just happened to have a friend that wanted to get into photography. At that time I didn’t know anything about photography and didn’t have any money so having someone take pictures for a couple hundred bucks seemed like a great idea. Here are the two biggest things that I would change about our wedding photographer and my advice for what to look for when you are hiring yours.

crystal lake illinois wedding photography // choosing a photographer

1// The camera they use
When I first started out in photography I used a Nikon D60. It was awesome for taking pictures of my kids but as soon as I stepped into the arena as a wedding photographer I knew that wouldn’t cut it. I borrowed a Canon Rebel for my second wedding and quickly saw that it wasn’t good enough either. The main problems I found with using an entry level DSLR at a wedding is that the sensor isn’t quick enough and the images are lower quality. In a contained environment like a family session or even an engagement session there isn’t much movement going on and you can easily redo a pose. With a wedding it’s completely the opposite. Everything is fast pace and moments pass in a split second. If your photographer doesn’t have a high-performing camera built for professional use it will be easy for those moments to be blurry or even worse, completely missed. My experience as a wedding photographer has taught me to be ahead of the moment. To already be waiting for specific emotions or looks is critical so that I don’t miss anything! This has only come with lots of experience and practice. When looking for a photographer I would encourage you to ask about their equipment. If they will be renting equipment for your wedding, ask about their experience with the camera and find out why they don’t own one for themselves. Are they using your wedding as a practice shoot? Do they understand how it works and are they used to using that camera? What is their past experience with the camera? Not all cameras are built the same and it’s imperative that the camera they are using is one they are completely comfortable with because they will have to change settings and focus points quickly.

crystal lake wedding photographer // choosing a photographer

Let me talk about quality of images real quick. This was probably one of the biggest things about our pictures that I would change. Because the camera that was used was an entry-level DSLR our images looked great printed in 5×7 and even 8×10 but anything bigger than that and the images look terrible, “mushy” is the professional word I like to use for that ;) . Most people desire to have their images printed and put on their wall or even better, to be able to print a big canvas an image. With most of the entry-level DSLR’s the quality of image will not be able to translate to a large print. In the image below I’ve shown you a comparison between our wedding images and an image I took…do you see the difference in quality when I blow up a section of the image? The camera I use has such high resolution images that they can even be put on a billboard if you wanted to!

crystal lake wedding photographer // choosing a photographer

The camera I have chosen to shoot with is Canon 5D Mark III. Canon 5D’s are well known in the photography industry for their professional use. A Canon 5D was the first of its type produced in 2005, Mark II was the upgrade in 2008 and the Mark III is the newest upgrade on the market.

2// Experience with posing
After our actual ceremony we went out into the garden to take our portraits and the person who was taking our pictures looked at me with a blank stare. Lucky for us (do you see how much we left up to chance here?!) my mother-in-law took over in that moment and directed us in all sorts of poses so we got some good shots of us together. When someone is new in photography they are still learning how to build rapport with clients and what poses work for different situations. Having shot more than 20 weddings has granted me tons of experience and I’ve been put into many different situations with many different personality types. It’s important to not just search on pinterest and find good poses to replicate (I totally did that in the beginning) but to also be able to be bold enough to try new things. With experience also comes the ability to put people at ease. This has been a huge learning lesson for me. I’m naturally an introvert so in the beginning it was very hard for me to help another introvert get them out of their shell. I allowed my weakness to become a strength by recognizing that also being an introvert helps me connect with how they are feeling in that moment. Someone taking your picture is absolutely uncomfortable, I know exactly how it feels and I can give them tips that I have learned over the years.

crystal lake wedding photographer // choosing a photographer

Now, I’m not suggesting that we never trust new photographers. If that was the case then how could anyone get started? What I am saying is that before you allow someone to document one of the most important days of your life, make sure that they have the equipment and experience to capture it. Shooting lots of individual sessions first is a huge help, especially family sessions. You really need to be quick moving to capture kids’ expressions and it’s awesome training and from there they should be assisting people who are shooting weddings. One of the biggest learning experiences for me as I was starting out was the opportunity to assist a well-known photographer and ask him to give me feedback of the images I took. I was so nervous to hear someone else’s opinion of my work and could’ve easily shied away from that but the input that I received changed my work and made me a better photographer and for that, it was worth it. In short, be very picky about your photographer, ask tons of questions and be willing to cut back on some of the other expenses that won’t last a lifetime to ensure you get a quality wedding photographer!

wedding recap // part 4 // mike + kari

**This month we are going to be showcasing some of our favorite weddings from the past few years. I checked back in with these couples and had them answer some questions about their special day!**
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What did you like the most about working with englexas photography?
What we loved about them is that we barely noticed they were there and because of that, they got more natural photos and everything felt less staged. We’ve been to tons of weddings where photographers feel like they need to be cheesy and be the center of attention but Englexas is not like that at all.

wedding recap // mike and kari // illinois wedding photography

Was there anything unexpected that you loved?
Our officiant was a close friend and one of the funniest people we know and while portions of his speech were run by us beforehand, we didn’t really know what he was going to say. It ended up as perfectly as we could have hoped.

wedding recap // mike and kari // illinois wedding photography

Is there anything you wish you had spent less time or money on?
The only thing we can think of is the food and music during the cocktail mixer between the ceremony and reception. We had a string trio and a lot of fancy appetizers and everyone was so loud and excited in the small space that nobody could really hear the music! The dinner followed right after too, so we really didn’t need as much cocktail food as we bought.

wedding recap // mike and kari // illinois wedding photography

What was your favorite moment of the day?
It was once the music in the reception started and we saw how much fun everyone was having with us. Nerves about how the ceremony was going to go were all gone by then and we could really just enjoy the evening.

wedding recap // mike and kari //  illinois wedding photography

What was your favorite image from your wedding?
One is a picture of our two Dads together and the other is one of the two of us kissing on the dancefloor with our friends all around cheering.

wedding recap // mike and kari // illinois wedding photography

Describe some of your favorite wedding details and how you came up with them…
It’s common now but getting the photobooth was a huge hit for everyone, young and old.

wedding recap // mike and kari // illinois wedding photography

What was the best part of your wedding day?
It’s cheesy but it’s really just the fact that we were finally married. Everything else, no matter how fun, was secondary to that.

wedding recap // mike and kari // illinois wedding photography

What’s your number #1 tip for future engaged couples?
Your wedding is about YOU TWO primarily and sharing your special moment with your closest friends and family, you don’t need to break the bank to do that. The day will go by SUPER quickly and all the details you were worrying about for months won’t matter in the end. If something little goes wrong just remember that only you two will likely notice it, so don’t worry at all.

wedding recap // mike and kari // illinois wedding photography
wedding recap // mike and kari // illinois wedding photography

wedding// alden hotel(now the sam houston hotel)
co-ordinator// en vogue events
flowers// dream bouquet
DJ// DJ’s unlimited

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