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25 ways to wear a scarf

I feel like fall came so quickly upon us – one day I had the A/C blowing to heat the next day! I’m very unprepared…my summer clothes still fill my closet and I am pulling sweaters out of storage as I need them! So when I saw this video over at Creature Comforts I just had to share! I always find it so difficult to figure out the best way to wear my scarves!

And as always feel free to post your thoughts, comments or questions below :)

make-up review – e.l.f haul

I’ve been asked a couple of times about the make-up I use and so I thought I would take some time to review a ‘haul’ of make-up that I ordered. A lot of you are familiar with the brand e.l.f (eyes lips face) – they are pretty well known for their low-cost make-up.
I found a 60% off coupon code for their studio line, which is a little more expensive than their standard line.
Here’s what I got:
Porcelain Tinted Moisturizer Spf 20
- I wasn’t a huge fan of the color of the tinted moisturizer, it seemed a little orangish for my taste. But I have been using it to ‘thin out’ my regular foundation occasionally.
Studio Warm Bronzer
- I love this bronzer, I use it daily – with or without my foundation.
Berry Merry Studio Blush
- This blush is also one of my favorites, the color is much more pinkish than it shows on the preview and I love it.
Studio High Definition Powder
- I haven’t really used this much, but apparently it’s really good for complexion in pictures.
Studio Dark Eyebrow Kit
- I used this for a little while but I switched to a powder shadow instead. I think if you had thinner eyebrows and wanted a more ‘defined’ appearance this would be great.
Essential Matte Finisher Clear Nail Polish
- I love the Matte Nail trend so wanted to try out this top coat. It is pretty good, just takes a little practice to get it streak-free
Essential Nail Polish in Desert Haze and Smoky Brown
- The Desert Haze is definitely my favorite and considering the price, it is a good polish.
Essential Black Liquid Eyeliner
- This eyeliner was actually the reason I started using e.l.f in the first place. For only $1 this eyeliner is amazing, it was very black and very long lasting. Unfortunately I think they changed the original formula that they had because this time around the eyeliner I got, although still really great, did not last nearly as long as the older one I had.

Studio Powder Brush
- I use this brush to put on my bronzer and it’s great!
Studio Angled Foundation Brush
- I found that this provider thicker coverage of my foundation than I was used to, it does the job.
Studio Blush Brush
- This brush works great for blush – I use it all the time.

Essential Organizer in Black
- I was really excited about this organizer because of the brush pockets and roomy case. The problem is that when the brushes are in the pockets the outside (removable) shell is not long enough to wrap around the case. I’ve resorted myself to just using the case and not the extra pockets – which was pretty dissapointing.

Overall I was really happy with the quality from e.l.f and will continue to order from there. They always have great deals and coupon codes available online if you do a little searching ;)
Right now you can use the coupon code “ECD21″ to get 50% off all Studio Collection Make-up.

And as always feel free to post your thoughts, comments or questions below :)

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