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In case any of you missed our big news on Facebook and Instagram I thought I would share on here and give a little more of the back story…

Gabriel and I had always originally said that we would have either 2 or 4 children (both of us were 1 of 3) but when Deacon came along and rocked our world we seriously reconsidered that plan! We finally came down to the final decision on whether or not we should be “done” in the beginning of July and considered many different factors. For me personally I had always desired some specific things and never got them, they may sound silly to you but they were just genuine desires I always had. As we were going through the process of whether or not to be “done” originally I had grand ideas that this final pregnancy could be God’s way of giving me all that I had ever wanted. I quickly came to the realization that the likelihood of this happening was very slim, because how often do I get what I want?! Hardly ever! And if I was looking to this pregnancy in that way then how would I feel when nothing was the way that I wanted it to be? Looking back on it now I feel like it was such a silly train of thought but it really did play a role in my decision making. This, among other things helped us to decide to be officially done and we even felt like we had confirmation when some friends became pregnant and we felt like it was our time to serve them.

About 3 weeks later I started to get sick. I’ve been having some digestive issues off and on the past few years so I just thought that’s what I was dealing with. When the feeling didn’t pass after a week I decided to take a pregnancy test just to rule that out! I took one in the evening and it was negative but then when I took another the next morning it was positive! Confused about the results I decided to just wait until my yearly doctor appointment the next Thursday. Shortly after I arrived at this appointment they confirmed that I was, in fact pregnant and a short ultrasound later that day told me I was already 7 weeks along!

The crazy thing about this whole thing is that we didn’t do anything different the “method” that worked for us for the last 9 years all of a sudden didn’t! When we decided we were done, we were already pregnant and when we found out that our friends were pregnant, we were only 10 days behind them! As shocked as we are about this new development we are truly excited and know for sure that this baby is a gift from God when we least expected it!

the land of nod mother’s day event and craft

englexas // chicago lifestyle blog
Last Saturday I had the pleasure of hosting an event at the Land of Nod store in Chicago. The store was absolutely amazing and everyone we met there was wonderful, I think Darby even made a new best friend! I have always done my shopping at the Land of Nod online but now that I’ve visited their location, I will be shopping in the store from now on. They are awesome about having kids run around and play with their displays and it definitely didn’t feel like a furniture store! The displays are absolutely beautiful and there are SO many good ideas in there!

englexas // chicago lifestyle blog // the land of nod mother's day event
englexas // chicago lifestyle blog // the land of nod mother's day event
For the event I had to come up with a craft that the little kids could do that didn’t involve using scissors or hot glue which was quite a task…I cheated a little by pre cutting and pre-gluing some of the elements and I am really proud of the results!

englexas // chicago lifestyle blog // the land of nod mother's day event
For each daffodil, you’ll need two sets of the flower petals (one pre-glued, one not) for the center piece, the rectangle of yellow felt for the center piece and a long rectangle oval leaf. Trace out your petals and leaf piece then cut them out using the template linked below. I used pinking shears to cut the zig zag of the center piece.

englexas // chicago lifestyle blog // the land of nod daffodil craft
I got all of the elements pre sewn/glued so that the kids could help me assemble. Hot glue the black pom pom to the end of a floral wire. To assemble the center piece sew the two short sides together to make a tube and then turn inside out. Gather one end of the tube and put a stitch in the bottom to hold it together.

Take one of the petal pieces and place a dot of hot glue in the middle center of each petal, pinch each petal to create a crease. Place the pinched petal flower piece on top of the flat flower piece. Poke a hole through the center of both pieces of felt. I used my seam ripper to do this.

englexas // chicago lifestyle blog // the land of nod daffodil craftThis is where the kids can start helping…Take your floral stem wires with the black felt pom pom to the top and feed the wire through the center piece/tube over the floral stem wire and then through the two petal pieces

Using your green floral tape you’ll start to wrap the floral stem wire. As you wrap add the green felt shaped as a leaf. You’ll continue to wrap that into place using the floral tape as well. Bend the flower head over like a daffodil does and trim the stem to your desired length (if necessary). I usually add some hot glue to the back of the flower head to secure it to the stem before I wrap with the tape.

englexas // chicago lifestyle blog // the land of nod daffodil craft
And there you have it…you can download the instruction sheet here
Happy Mother’s Day mamas!

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