{B.I.G Love} Bucky

As many of you know by now, my family started the organization B.I.G Love Cancer Care Services, so this week Gabriel (my husband) and I got the chance to deliver goodies to all the kids on the floor at Texas Children’s…and while I was there I got the opportunity for a mini-session with Bucky. This wasn’t just your average session, because the day that I went in just happened to be the day after Bucky had his last chemotherapy treatment and is going home! There was such excitement in the air, I can’t even imagine the joy – after living in the hospital so long, to finally be going home. Bucky’s room was filled with decorations made by all his friends – I could see that he is truly loved by everyone, and we even got a group shot of his friends that brought him lunch that day.

Thanks to Bucky and his mom for allowing me to be a part of this momentous occasion!

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