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the land of nod mother’s day event and craft

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Last Saturday I had the pleasure of hosting an event at the Land of Nod store in Chicago. The store was absolutely amazing and everyone we met there was wonderful, I think Darby even made a new best friend! I have always done my shopping at the Land of Nod online but now that I’ve visited their location, I will be shopping in the store from now on. They are awesome about having kids run around and play with their displays and it definitely didn’t feel like a furniture store! The displays are absolutely beautiful and there are SO many good ideas in there!

englexas // chicago lifestyle blog // the land of nod mother's day event
englexas // chicago lifestyle blog // the land of nod mother's day event
For the event I had to come up with a craft that the little kids could do that didn’t involve using scissors or hot glue which was quite a task…I cheated a little by pre cutting and pre-gluing some of the elements and I am really proud of the results!

englexas // chicago lifestyle blog // the land of nod mother's day event
For each daffodil, you’ll need two sets of the flower petals (one pre-glued, one not) for the center piece, the rectangle of yellow felt for the center piece and a long rectangle oval leaf. Trace out your petals and leaf piece then cut them out using the template linked below. I used pinking shears to cut the zig zag of the center piece.

englexas // chicago lifestyle blog // the land of nod daffodil craft
I got all of the elements pre sewn/glued so that the kids could help me assemble. Hot glue the black pom pom to the end of a floral wire. To assemble the center piece sew the two short sides together to make a tube and then turn inside out. Gather one end of the tube and put a stitch in the bottom to hold it together.

Take one of the petal pieces and place a dot of hot glue in the middle center of each petal, pinch each petal to create a crease. Place the pinched petal flower piece on top of the flat flower piece. Poke a hole through the center of both pieces of felt. I used my seam ripper to do this.

englexas // chicago lifestyle blog // the land of nod daffodil craftThis is where the kids can start helping…Take your floral stem wires with the black felt pom pom to the top and feed the wire through the center piece/tube over the floral stem wire and then through the two petal pieces

Using your green floral tape you’ll start to wrap the floral stem wire. As you wrap add the green felt shaped as a leaf. You’ll continue to wrap that into place using the floral tape as well. Bend the flower head over like a daffodil does and trim the stem to your desired length (if necessary). I usually add some hot glue to the back of the flower head to secure it to the stem before I wrap with the tape.

englexas // chicago lifestyle blog // the land of nod daffodil craft
And there you have it…you can download the instruction sheet here
Happy Mother’s Day mamas!

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is your best good enough?


I’ve been feeling a lot lately like my best efforts are not good enough. That I’m not measuring up, not fulfilling my potential as a wife, mother or friend. As I was pondering this thought I realized that maybe my “best efforts” aren’t actually my “BEST efforts” at all. It’s kinda like (…prepare your hearts for a cheesy analogy…) the show the Biggest Loser…(did I lose you?! stick with me!) the contestants are working out and are constantly saying things like “I can’t” and telling their trainers that they have done as much as thy can do or they feel like they are dying. The trainers always continue to push them to do more or train harder and inevitably those that follow through always realize that they are capable of more than they ever imagined. The ones that stick it out time after time are usually the ones that win the prize.

So have I really been doing my best? Is this my BEST effort? Or do I have more deep down inside of me that I’m not tapping into. Is there more strength, will power and self-control inside of me that I don’t know is there simply because I haven’t pushed myself harder.

Recently when I’ve been ‘wasting time’ (usually social media is involved!) I’ve thought to myself “I don’t have time for this”…there are so many things that need to be done and there is time to do it all, I just haven’t tapped in to the well of time that I think (and hope) can be found. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough? As with everything in life, there is a balance to be found. If I’m only ever “working” I won’t be happy and if I’m only ever “resting” I will be lazy and nothing will get done!

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