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ornament re-purposing quick tip

In all my ornament re-purposing posts (pt.1, pt.2, and pt.3) I used cheap ornaments that I didn’t like to create something that goes along with my theme this year. One thing I didn’t like about the finished products was the fact that all the tops of the ornaments were different. Well, I was shopping in Hobby Lobby the other day and found my solution! You can buy these:

This was all the tops of my ornaments can match – and it is only $1.99 for a set :)


christmas ornament re-purposing pt.3

Here is the final installment of my ornament re-purposing. This ornament was a little more tricky to figure out – I wanted something to tie in my burlap tree skirt with the tree but I had a really hard time figuring out how to make it work and actually look good! I wanted it to be rustic, but not messy looking ;) It was definitely trial and error and I have lots of tips to share!

All you need is:
-ornaments you no longer like
-burlap (I used natural and white)
-glue gun

I cut the burlap into 1/2 inch strips, you might want to use wider strips for larger ornaments but it’s important that the strips aren’t too wide or the ornament will be too bulky, especially where the strips cross at the bottom. Also, when you are cutting the strips, cut between the threads in a straight line – this helps there not be too many loose strands.

Put a line of glue at the top of the strip and glue it about half an inch down the ornament. It takes at least two layers of burlap to cover the color of the ornament and if you start all the way at the top it won’t look right when you’re done. Make sure every time you apply glue that you really press down the fabric – it’s really important that it’s as flat as it can possibly be.

When you get to the other side of the ornament put a line of glue and fold the burlap back on itself, making sure that it’s really glued down flat. It helps to stretch the burlap a little to make it even more flush.

Once you’ve turned it back on itself, cross it over at the bottom of the ornament and glue it on the other side of the strip you started with, and cut off the excess. I found that if I turned it back on itself once more it would again be too bulky. Do this with another strip to fill in the gaps, for a small ornament you should only need to use two strips folded back on themselves one time each for the first layer. Then follow the same steps for the next layer, but starting all the way at the top of the ornament.

I also used white burlap, which was a little more tricky because the color really showed through, but I think they will look great together on the tree with the newspaper ornament and rope ornaments that I created.

I have another little tip for re-purposing your own ornaments that I will be posting tomorrow and check back next week for my final post where I will show you all my creations pulled together!

As always feel free to ask questions or post comments below :)

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