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consignment tips and Rhea Lana haul

I headed down to the Rhea Lana sale this past weekend and I wanted to share my ‘haul’ with you!

I picked up a jacket and pair of shoes for both Darby and Gracen, 5 pairs of pants, 2 collared shirts, 1 tee, 2 toys for Deacon and a Leap Frog Word Builder…all for $73.50!!
englexas lifestyle blog consignment tips
I received lots of questions about consigning after this post so I thought I’d share some of my consignment success tips here.

englexas lifestyle blog Rhea Lana haul
Be organized:
When it comes to entering your items in online, the easiest way to do it is to put the clothes in size order smallest to biggest, then within the size order I like to do girls clothes then boys, and within that: pants, shirts, sweaters. I find this makes drop off so much easier! As I am entering the items into the computer I put them on a hanger (secured with a safety pin) and tag them. I highly recommend pre-printing your barcodes, or picking up the labels early so you can label them before you drop them off, this saves SO much time. Also, don’t bother even including items from the wrong season, they are really good at weeding these items out and it’s just a waste of time for you to try and include them in the batch wrong seasoned batch. Basically the spring sale is short sleeves, shorts, bathing suits and Fall is long-sleeved, pants and jackets…this is also the best time for costumes!

When you are checking in put your items on the rack while you are waiting for someone to help you. I usually use this time to put the labels on too.

Ask questions:
If some things are ‘denied’ ask why so that you know for next time and can remove any stains they see or just donate it.

Know your sizes:
Each brand carries different sizing, whether it be 3M, 6M, 9M or 3-6, 6-12 or even 6-9, 9-12. And it comes to no suprise to mamas that each brand is sized differently. My little one at 3 1/2 months is almost grown out of Old Navy 3-6 months, but still fits in Carters 3 months and Gap 3-6 months is still kinda big on him. My almost 5 year old is almost grown out of Target 4T jeans but Levi 4T’s are HUGE. So basically, know what size your kid is in all the different brands it would really suck to come home and your kid not fit the wonderful clothes you bought.

Make a list:
I am the kind of shopper that has a plan, and then when I am surrounded by adorable kids clothes I totally lose my mind and start excitedly filling my cart! Because of the way Rhea Lana is set up and in order to take advantage of the wonderful half price sale on the last few days I plan out my shopping, and keep a list with me. I separate my list into the things I want to get in the full price sale and what I can wait for half price days. For example this Fall my 2 and 4 year olds need jeans and shoes, from past experience I know that all the good jeans and shoes sell out quickly so I’m willing to pay full price. I’m also willing to pay full price for unisex clothes since I know that they can be passed down to each child. Another thing on my “pay full price” list is a Sophie Giraffe for my little man, I just can’t justify spending $25 on a baby teether that may or may not be as life-changing as everyone tells me it is so I’ll be looking for it in the sale! I save the things like play clothes and pajamas and other gender-specific items that I can’t pass up for my “half-price sale” list. I also find that there is always an insane abundance of toys and books and since toys and books get pretty torn up around here, I prefer to buy them as cheap as I can! I’ve never needed to purchase car-seats, strollers or bikes but I know that by the time the half-price sale rolls around, these things are mostly sold out.

This method has really worked for me and I’m lucky to never have spent more than I’ve made on a sale. Most of the time I even have money leftover!

The Rhea Lana sale is still open, here are the upcoming sale times:
Tuesday, September 18th – 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Wednesday, September 19th – 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Thursday, September 20th – 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

and my personal favorite, the HALF PRICE sale :)
Friday, September 21st – 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday, September 22nd – 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

meyer’s all purpose cleaner and a warning!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen my excitement over discovering Meyer’s All Purpose cleaner. I’ve been kinda obsessed over finding new and exciting ways to make my house clean…and smelling like basil! Well my findings have brought me a tip for you, well actually a warning!

It all started when I realized that Meyer’s Clean Day Surface Spray is $3.99 for 16 fl oz, but the Meyer’s Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner is $7.99 (I got it for $6.50 at my local health food store) for 32 fl oz. This is significant because to make a 16 oz spray bottle of spray from concentrate you only need to add 3 Tablespoons of All Purpose Cleaner to water – this saves SO much money!!

I have been using this solution as a countertop spray, floor cleaner*, bathroom cleaner, I even used it to clean a mirror (pregnancy = too lazy to go downstairs and get the windex!) and it totally worked like a charm!

Meyer's Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner

A few weeks ago I found a tip about cleaning your microwave on Pinterest. I would totally give credit, but I didn’t even repin it! I just remember it saying something about easily cleaning your microwave by putting a bowl with water and vinegar in the microwave for 5 mins and the steam would release the stains so you could clean it easily. Well, it did work great but I wasn’t really diggin’ the vinegar smell in my kitchen so last night I decided to try putting a few tsp. of Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner in the water and try it (without the vinegar). I figured that since it was a cleaner it would work just as well and it would *hopefully* make my kitchen smell awesome!

After 2 mins in the microwave all of a sudden I heard a loud ‘POP!’ and my microwave door flew open with hot water flying out of it! I was in shock for a couple seconds and as I cautiously approached there was no damage…I have no idea what happened?! But I wanted to post this so that no one else would try it! I am actually pretty lucky that I wasn’t standing in front of the microwave when it happened – our microwave is up high and it would’ve totally knocked me in the head at a high speed!! Also, the bowl I used was a “shatterproof” bowl, I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if the bowl would’ve smashed and come flying out too! It’s actually pretty scary! So be cautious when using new cleaning concoctions! And DON’T microwave Meyer’s Clean Day All-Purpose Cleaner!

*Quick Tip: Instead of constantly buying Swiffer pads and spray bottles I have discovered that you can buy a washable velco pad from the grocery store for like $8 and then I use the solution in my above spray bottle to clean the floors. This post is turning into quite the money saver!!

If you have any questions about the method’s to my madness…ask in the comments :)

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