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christmas ornament re-purposing

For some reason this fall I’ve been really excited to decorate for Christmas…last year I decided to try and do a turquoise/red/white theme and this year my vision is completely different! Rather than buy a completely new set of ornaments I’ve decided to re-purpose the ornaments that I have, today is the first in my little series of decoration re-purposing – nautical inspired ornaments and rope trees.

All you need is:
-ornaments you no longer like
-hot glue gun

start at the top and put a few dots of glue on the ornament and start to wrap the rope around.

The easiest way to glue it is to draw a thin inch or two line of glue, press the rope down and continue, if you leave too much of a gap in between the gluing the rope will start to come off. As you glue the rope make sure you push the new line of rope against the last one, making sure that there isn’t a gap in between the rows. Also – make sure that you don’t put too much glue on the ornament.

when you get to the bottom, twist the rope and glue it down in the center.

I also decided to make some modern rope trees, like the ones offered at West Elm
All you need is:
-rope (same as above)
-hot glue gun

Make a cone with the cardboard and glue the rope to the bottom of the cone.

As with the ornaments, push the rows of rope really tightly together as you move up the cone.
And here’s the finished product!

As you can see on some of the ornaments the blue from the original ornament shows a little – so it might be worth using white or clear ornaments if you have them.

darby’s first birthday party

A few weeks ago we celebrated Darby’s First Birthday at our house. I didn’t really have a ‘theme’ so much but I had seen this rainbow cake, as I’m sure most of you saw on Pinterest.

And of course – the birthday girl :)

and Darby’s little friends!

I tried to take her first year portraits and about 10 mins into the ‘session’ she was walking and busted her lip :( poor thing was not happy and needless to say we ended early!

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