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Since my post last week about my maternity wish list I thought I’d do a post about how I’m managing to get by this pregnancy without maternity clothes…yet.

pregnancy style - maternity fashion blog*shirt – tj maxx *long tank – gordmans *pants – forever 21 *black oxfords – target

I picked these blue pants up a few years ago and lucky for me the bright pant trend has made a resurgance. I’m using the good ole rubber band trick to make these work for pregnancy and my long tank covers up the evidence ;)
Unfortunately the pictures cut off the shoes but the black oxfords I’m wearing are some of my favorite shoes.

englexas maternity fashion blog - pregnancy style optionsenglexas maternity fashion blog - pregnancy style options*sweater – forever 21 *skirt – thrifted *shoes – jc penney (old) *necklace – primark (old)

My new favorite maternity options…maxi skirts! Seriously one of the most comfortable things to wear right now, due to the elastic waistband ;) I used accessories to glam it up a little bit – the gold watch, necklace and detailing on the shoes made a plain comfortable outfit a little more ‘date ready’.

englexas maternity fashion blog - pregnancy style optionsenglexas maternity fashion blog - pregnancy style options*long sleeve – gordmans *shawl cardigan – forever 21 *jeggings – Love forever 21 *shoes – forever 21

These jeggings are the only ones that I can still button because they are so stretchy, also making them another of my most comfortable options. I picked up a bunch of these long sleeve tees in different colors, which happen to be super long in length and work great for this stage of pregnancy. The shawl cardigan is a good way to keep warm this winter-y season. And of course, I had to spice up the outfit with my most favorite newest purchase. Buying shoes is always a great option to boost yours spirits when feeling down during pregnancy.

As always I’d love to answer any questions you have in the comments section, and let me know if you’d like me to feature more of these kind of posts.

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non-candy valentine craft

I’m pretty sure that giving all your classmates Valentine’s Day gifts is an American thing. My memories may be wrong but I seem to think that growing up in England you would only get a Valentine if someone actually liked you – like liked you…needless to say there was only one year in school that I received a Valentine and a rose.

So when I received a list of Gracen’s classmates from his teacher on Thursday for the purpose of Valentine’s Day I immediately felt the weight of American tradition on my shoulders. Sure enough my husband confirmed my suspicions that as Americans you guys give EVERYONE Valentines!

After a little research I decided that I didn’t want the ‘easy’ way out, buying candy hearts just really isn’t my thing. I decided that I wanted him to give out balloons. I’m not sure why but it’s something that Gracen loves to play with, and it’s not candy. Then I devised exactly what I wanted in my head and unfortunately I have a problem, and it seems to be something that crops up in most areas of my life – whether it be an outfit, craft, or decorating idea. I seem to always get an idea of something that I want in my head and then I have to try and track down the items I need to make it happen. This is great when I can find whatever it is I am envisioning, but I find that many times over I’m having to compromise with the items that I can find to make it work. Which usually leaves me with a little empty feeling inside :(

So I couldn’t find all the supplies in the two days that I had to prepare and this is my compromise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with what I came up with but it’s not exactly what I was envisioning.

balloon valentine craft - englexas diy blog

Basically my supplies were:
red pen
clear lollipop envelopes
red balloons
kraft tags
butcher’s twine

balloon valentine craft - englexas diy blog
I put the balloons in and sewed up the top with the baker’s twine, tied the kraft tags to the string and had my little boy sign his name :)

balloon valentine craft - englexas diy blog

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