flyaway tamer

it’s about to get real…like really real!

When Darby was 3 months old I started losing my hair, not like the usual hair falling out post pregnancy…I’m talking clumps of hair. I actually started to get nervous that I was going to be bald before long! It’s actually one of the reasons that I chopped off about 4 inches of my hair a few months ago, my hair was getting so thin that it looked horrible.

Well, now that my hair is growing back I have a MAJOR flyaway problem! I’m just gonna go ahead and warn you it isn’t pretty :) Here I am in all my flyaway glory!

So I was shopping a few days ago and saw this nifty new product by John Frieda called Full-Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer and decided to try it out.

Basically you comb on the product like a mascara for your hair. I was nervous that my hair would look too slick but it really wasn’t an issue, I was just careful not to put on too much of it. One of my favorite things about this is that it lasted all day, didn’t make my hair crunchy (like hairspray would) and it smelled great! It worked perfectly for wearing my hair in a messy bun, my favorite go-to hairstyle right now.
Well here is the final result – no flyaways!