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january photo a day challenge recap

I told you a little earlier in the month about my January photo a day challenge on Instagram and I thought it would be cool to give you a review of my daily images for the whole month. So here they are:

instagram january photo a day challenge #JANphotoaday

*you *breakfast *something you adore *letterbox *something you wore *makes you smile *favorite

instagram january photo a day challenge recap #JANphotoaday

*your sky *daily routine *childhood *where you sleep *close up *in your bag *something your reading *happiness

instagram january photo a day challenge recap #JANphotoaday

*morning *water *something you bought *sweet *someone you love *reflection *your shoes *something old

instagram january photo a day challenge recap #JANphotoaday

*guilty pleasure *something you made *color *lunch *light *inside your fridge *nature *you, again

And of course, by popular demand, fatmumslim has created a February photo a day challenge! I’ve already had a couple more friends jump on board for February and if you would like to join just follow the daily suggestions (below) and tag your images #FEBphotoaday. I’m always looking for new friends to follow so if you have an Instagram just add your username in the comments :)

instagram february photo a day challenge #FEBphotoaday

january photo a day challenge

As some of you may know Instagram is one of my favorite iPhone app’s…hence my ‘instagram pics of the week” posts (I really need make that a more consistent englexas feature!)

So when I saw this January photo challenge for Instagram on January 1st I just knew it was something I wanted to do! It took a little google digging, but I finally tracked the genius creator of this challenge down to Chantelle at fat mum slim who posted her list as a guide for the daily images that you are supposed to post, it was important for me to give credit where credit is due since I know there has been some confusion over the origin of this awesomeness. here’s the ‘guide’:

So it’s pretty simple – every day in January we upload a pic that fulfills the required category and tag it #janphotoaday. It’s been really cool to look through the stream and see all the other creative images that people are creating. In the rules you can upload images taken with any camera – but I am choosing to do this challenge with only my trusty iPhone. Here are my images so far:

*day one – me

*day two – breakfast

*day three – something you cherish

*day four – your letterbox (mailbox for you americans out there!)

I will definitely do a full post once the challenge is over so you can all see my progress. I’ve seen this on a couple other blogs so it’ll be interesting to see who sticks with it! I’m also going to be a part of another photo challenge which I’m super excited about this year so I’ll be updating on Friday to give you the details.

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