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instagram pics of the week

*each Sunday I will be posting a quick recap of my week via Instagram, you can follow me over there – my username is englexas*

Yesterday we were driving to Houston so I missed posting my weekly update. I didn’t want to miss this week because I wanted to share with you some of my favorite spots from our trip to Springfield this week.

*crazy bath hair *mischief
*Traveling to Springfield MO
*getting settled in at the hotel with Lego for the boy and crafting for me – see the post here
*The best coffee shop I’ve ever been to…it had the best atmosphere AND the best coffee AND Latte Art – I seriously couldn’t ask for more, and visited there everyday of my trip…check them out here
*Aviary Cafe and Creperie was one of our favorite lunch spots – their Pomme Frites are to die for and don’t get me started on their “Nutella Lux” Crepe…needless to say I downed it in about 5 seconds.
*One of the places I couldn’t leave Springfield without visiting was Red Velvet I have been following Elsie’s Blog for a while and was excited to get to meet her…the store is absolutely beautiful and the cupcake’s are delicious. We even picked up some vintage goodies that will be featured in an outfit post soon :)
*Hotel Living…which was super hard with both kiddo’s, but we survived!
*we arrived home to the wonderful surprise of our re-upholstered couch being ready. It will feature in a post about my new living room as soon as it’s all put together!
*and last night we finally arrived in Houston

I have one more re-upholstered Christmas Ornament post that I will be posting this week just in time for decorating the day after Thanksgiving and pretty much as soon as I arrive back I will be decorating and posting my final Christmas Decor Post.

instagram pics of the week

each Sunday I will be posting a quick recap of my week via Instagram, you can follow me over there – my username is englexas

*jewelry haul :) *nutella s’mores rock my face off *snuggling with my boy

*trying out a new breakfast *figuring out straws

*special treats for the birthday boy
*lots of crafts coming up on the blog this week

*model airplanes *kite flying

*latest food obsessions
*today’s orange and grey

This next week I will be travelling to Springfield, MO (hoping to get to check out Red Velvet!) and the week after to Houston, TX – I’ll keep you all updated on the fun things I find as I travel – and also the promised crafting posts for Christmas Decorations that I am SO excited about!

As always, feel free to post any questions or comments below :)

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