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Friday Night in Sugar Land

I absolutely love Sugar Land. And one of my favorite things about the city that I live in is ‘Sugar Land Town Square‘. It is basically an outdoor shopping area with tons of restaurants and stores for you to walk around and enjoy the summer Texas evenings ;)
We started with some delicious Spanish Tapas from ‘Mi Luna
Here are some pictures of the Paella and Crab Cakes (Gabriel insisted his hands be in the shot!). We ate much more than this but I honestly couldn’t wait to start eating and forgot to take a picture of all the other food! Next time I go (and there will be many many more next times) I’ll take more pictures

Then we had to have some dessert! So on our way to Ben&Jerry’s we were subconsciously pulled into a new place that we have never been before…’Swirll‘. This is a self-serve frozen yogurt extravaganza of a place. Basically, you have 14 different frozen yogurt flavors to choose from, you pick a cup and fill it however much or little you like (I’m sure you can guess which direction I went!). Then you head on over to the ‘toppings bar’ where they have everything from fresh fruit to organic chocolate covered sunflower seeds as well as the staples…oreo, brownie, chocolate chips, almonds, cocoa puffs (all of which went on my ice cream!) It was absolutely delicious!

And finally, we headed on over to the center of Town Square where they were having Salsa Dance Lessons, one of the many weekend activities that go one all summer long (click for upcoming events) As I was taking pictures of the lovely dancing residents of Sugar Land, Gracen decided to try and take off with another kids scooter! Lucky for him, she let him ride on it (with daddy’s help) for a little while ;)
Hope to see you in Town Square soon ;D

Mother’s Day

Here is my attempt at my Mother’s Day portrait with my 18 month old…it was a lot of work ;D

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the mother’s out there.

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