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Discovered GSE. From my research I gathered that there are some mixed opinions on this, but everyone I’ve talked to who has used it raves about how amazing it is. I got pretty sick this week so started it a little late, but within 2 days I was feeling much better.

I needed a good laugh and this story had me rolling!!
englexas Little Rock lifestyle blog
I made this roasted chicken recipe, and it was amazing

I realized that I never told you guys about that one time I got to take some pics for a blog I love, the posts are here and here and here

I signed up for the Fatmumslim Gift Exchange…I think it’s such an amazing concept and I’m so excited to buy someone a gift! And receive one too ;)
englexas Little Rock lifestyle blog
We visited Little Rock Zoo over the weekend and it was great, the kids had such a great time and we got to enjoy the cooler temperatures as a family. Be warned though, the alligator feeding is exactly what you think it is…an alligator chomping on dead rats…I’m traumatized!

This happened…

so I needed to purchase new make-up and on the recommendation of some friends I decided to go with Bare Escentuals…I’ll let you know how it goes!

AND…now that the babe is getting a little older it’s time for me to devote more time to photography so if you are looking to have fall/holiday pictures, let me know!!

[this was supposed to be posted last saturday, and will become a weekly feature over here]

darby lowe: 2 years old

Yesterday was the birthday of my middle child and only girl, Darby Lowe. I thought I’d take this opportunity to do an update on her since her last one was at 18 months

englexas photography darby 2 years old
Since the last update Darby’s speech has really grown and improved. I can’t even count the number of words she says anymore and she is speaking easily in full sentences. I’ve become one of those annoying mamas who repeat everything that her kid says constantly because it just sounds so cute. My husband and I often look at her in disbelief with the things she is coming up with!

She follows instructions really well (when she wants to!) and we’ve been working on getting her to clean up after herself. She is into everything much more than big brother was, which has been an adjustment for me because I literally cannot leave her alone for any reason ever. Those of you following me on Instagram are probably well aware of her antics

englexas lifestyle blog darby 2 years old
She still sucks her index finger, a habit which I am gently encouraging her to break.

We got her into her toddler bed a few weeks ago and sometimes it takes putting you back in there a few times but she hasn’t ever gotten out in the middle of the night (thank goodness). Although her collection of blankets and stuffed animals in her bed has increased dramatically and there is almost no room in there for her! Mama will be remedying that situation over the next couple of weeks!

englexas lifestyle blog darby 2 years old
Her newest and most frequently used word is “though”…if I tell her no she will say “but I like it though” or if I say “eat your food Darby” she’ll say “it’s hot though”.

We still can’t figure out if she is introvert (like me) or extrovert (like daddy and brother). When she’s comfortable with people she is pretty extrovert but she seems to become shy in new situations. Even last night at her birthday party, she knew everyone and was in a familiar place but she kept sucking her finger (which is her comfort) so I wondered if because all the attention was on her she was getting a little overwhelmed. Despite all that she is a really independent little girl who likes to do thing her way (already?! oh boy!)

She now knows every body part, including things like armpit and elbow.

englexas lifestyle blog darby 2 years old
Her molars are in the process of coming in right now and haven’t really been too much trouble!

She is definitely displaying signs of readiness for potty training and has even gone in the potty several times. I really think that if I could devote some time to focusing on it she would potty train pretty easily and quickly, it’s just hard to do with baby brother so it looks like it’s gonna take a little time!

She loves to draw and have books read to her, her favorite books right now are “what do you say?” and “Green Eggs and Ham”

englexas lifestyle blog darby 2 years old