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maternity jeans

I posted here and here about my lack of maternity wear. And I’ve got to admit it, around 28 weeks I started to feel really uncomfortable with still wearing regular jeans and a belly band. I got into a little bit of a style rut and was overall just not feeling good about myself. I’m not one of those women who sail their way through pregnancy glowing. I feel big and uncomfortable and my skin breaks out like a teenage boy – it’s just not pretty, so I tend to struggle with feeling that way while pregnant.

I posted about some maternity style options here and finally got to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore – I had to get something comfortable to wear! GAP maternity jeans came highly recommended but the price tag was not desirable, then I found a pair of maternity skinny jeans on sale and had a 40% off coupon for them – it was a no brainer! Because I’m so short {5’4″) I decided to get the ‘ankle’ length, and they fit perfectly! What was amazing about this purchase was how much of an impact it made on me – it’s amazing what a simple pair of jeans can do to your confidence! I immediately felt more comfortable and at ease, having to constantly pull up my regular jeans and fix my belly band was exhausting! I would highly recommend to any pregnant women out there to invest in a good pair of maternity jeans that you actually feel comfortable in – it will make the world of difference I promise!

Gap Maternity Jeans
maternity jeans – GAP//shirt and oxfords – target

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you right now

I’ve decided to start a little feature here on the blog that I’m naming “you right now”. I’ve been giving you some updates on my little ones here on the blog but I’ve decided that sometimes I just can’t wait that long to tell you the cute and funny things they do. Feel free to take this inspiration to your own blog just link back here ;)

darby lowe

englexas family blog

You love to make people laugh and as soon as you notice someone getting a kick out of you, you do whatever it is over and over again. Like making fish faces, you discovered that this face entertains people so now you do it all the time.

Your hair is beginning to get long enough to tickle the back of your neck. Usually during dinner time you notice this and shake your head back and forth, giggling the whole time!

You are adding an “ee-oo” sound to the end of your favorite words. “blankie-oo” “sippee-oo” “milkee-oo” “juicee-oo” it is so funny!

Your favorite song is the alphabet song although you are singing “A, B, C” over and over again the whole time!

You love to eat bananas but will only eat them like a monkey…if I take the skin off you refuse to eat it so I just hand them to you in the skin, I think it’s because you don’t like getting your hands dirty very much.


englexas family blog gracen

You love to dress up and still wear your Iron Man (see above) and Ninja costumes from last year.

You ask me almost everyday what my dream was last night and if I tell you I didn’t have one you sigh like your sad that I missed out. Your dreams usually involve you saving the world!

Magnets – you are obsessed and can be entertained for hours with them – it seems like you have an engineering mind.

eating lunch one day you said to me (pointing back and forth at your lunch) “fish fries, fish fries – you said fish and chips and you were wrong, these are fries mum, not chips!”

on a walk one day I said “if a car comes we’ll be toast!” you replied – “I’ll be like a toast?! Is the car really hot?!”

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