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{anytime session} sarah – destination toronto

One of the great things about having a gorgeous best friend is getting to take pictures of her ;) so on my recent trip to toronto I got to do just that! Sarah is one of the most beautiful people inside and out, and one of the most stable people I’ve ever met! In our 7 years of knowing each other we’ve never argued…ever!

So onto the post…Sarah, here is your sneak peek…thanks for being willing to try new things and being your gorgeous self!

{anytime session} cassie

To celebrate Cassie’s graduation from her internship her family set up a session with me so we could take some cute pictures to be displayed. Our session was so much fun and she came ready with super cute outfits and a beautiful smile! As you can see she is just one of those people that radiates joy. Congratulations on your graduation Cassie and I hope everything falls into place for next year! ;)

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