{anytime session} angelique part I

Sometimes it’s just fun to have a session for no other reason than fun! That’s why it’s called an ‘anytime session’ this type of session offered by englexas photography can be for any reason or no reason at all. Maybe you want a confidence boost, or to celebrate your recent weight loss, or even just cause you want a vute new profile picture! Contact us for more information on anytime sessions ;)

I’m always the most nervous shooting other photographers, so when Angelique Cook asked me to take some pictures for her new blog launch the nerves instantly set in. The day of the shoot Angelique was a trooper, willing to climb into wooded areas and on top of a pile of burnt tires…anything to get the shot! I had an absolute blast with Angelique and as you can see by the pics she was easy to shoot (due to her drop-dead gorgeousness!!) Here is Part 1 of our shoot together!
Angelique made her headband! (I’ll keep you posted on her upcoming etsy store)

She brought along her grandmothers camera…hopefully we’ll be able to shoot with it soon ;)

Life is crazy busy right now, I’m going to paint our house today so I’ll post before and after pics soon ;)