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{day after session} keith + ashley part II

I promised, so here is me delivering. Since I didn’t get this post out yesterday I will warn you that this is a pretty long post! I had too much to choose from!

Something that I offer is a “day after session”. A “day after” session is were the bride and the groom get back into their wedding attire and shoot another portrait session. The shoot can take place the day after, a month after, or a year after the wedding, its up to the bride and grooms schedule. This is done for many different reasons, sometimes the timing of the wedding day doesn’t allow for enough portrait time, or if you weren’t happy with your wedding pictures you can have kind of a ‘do-over’ or if you want some portraits in your wedding attire that are a totally different style than your wedding day. It’s up to you!

For Keith and Ashley, their “day-after” is a few years later! They wanted something a little different than the traditional wedding portraits that were taken on their wedding day, so here they are! ;)

my fave ;)

{day after session} keith + ashley

here is a little sneak peek of a fashion-inspired day-after session that I did last week. I have lots of images to show, and it was my intention to have a whole post of them up today but after my shoot this morning I’ve been under the weather, sniffles, fever, sore throat etc. :( not wanting to back out on my goal to post everyday through the month of june, here is a pic for ya!