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the phillips family

one of the things i adore about photography is the opportunity to spend time with amazing people who have amazing stories. lucky for me i am related to these amazing people! my husband and i travelled to arkansas for easter to visit his uncle and their family. they may look like an ordinary family…but they are not.

chaney, jessica and taylor are some of the most amazing, courageous and powerful people i have ever met. On September 29th 2006 they lost their daughter Brooke after fighting for 2 years against acute myeloid leukemia. Inspired by the love that Brooke displayed to them they created ‘B.I.G Love Cancer Care Services’, an organization who strives to ease the heavy burden that cancer kids and their families have to endure while fighting a life-threatening disease. Their goal is to not only meet some of their most basic needs, but also provide opportunities for laughter, happiness and comfort through servanthood and big love.

“Although Brooke taught us many things throughout her two years of treatment…like how to trust, believe, persevere, and have faith…she also taught us how deep and long and high and wide love can really be. She had a special love for all her people, and she never ceased in expressing it. Even during her last days in the intensive care unit at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, she still managed to love BIG all her people. She sent out hundreds of kisses and gave the I Love You sign to everyone in the room. She would reach for us, pull us close to her chest and hold us tight. She told us repeatedly, “I love you up the sky.”

And so I not only wanted to capture their beauty and strength with this photoshoot, but also to honor our Brookie girl.

More information about B.I.G LOVE Cancer Care Services
Make an online donation to the amazing work that they do for kids battling with cancer

malik + shaddi

over easter weekend i met these two awesome brothers and their mom who is also a photographer. we almost had to pay them but we got some really great ‘brother’ pics for their mom ;)

it took some work but i finally got real smiles outta them.

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