help me pick a camera bag…

After our house was broken into last July one of the things that we lost were my camera bags, since then we’ve been saving and I’m finally to the point where replacing everything that was lost is finally a possibility. My last camera bag was the standard ‘professional photographer’ bag – but with all the blogging I’ve been doing I’ve decided that I need a bag that I can take with me wherever I go…more of a purse/camera bag. I’ve also heard that these bags make for great diaper bags because of all the compartments and I’ll be needing that very soon! Here are the ones I’ve narrowed it down to:

camera bag collage
1. Epiphanie Stella Bag // 2. Ona ‘The Brooklyn’ Bag // 3. Dre Hartman “The Liza Satchel” // 4. Cheeky Lime “Livy Bag” // 5. Ephiphanie Lola Bag // 6. Ketti “Chevron” Handbag // 7. Theit “The Bossi” Bag // 8. Kelly Moore “Mimi” Bag

Let me know your thoughts in the comments – I’d appreciate any input, especially if you’ve had experience with any of these bags!

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