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I’m sure every parent will understand that feeling you get when you realize your baby isn’t a baby anymore and for me that happened yesterday. Gracen (my almost 18-month old) decided he no longer wanted to be carried along, but he wanted to walk all by himself to the car. Now, for those who don’t know my son, he came out of the womb a ‘thinker’ he never really smiled much as a baby and always tried to work things out, which earned him the nickname “mister” and even “benjamin button”. He’s like a 30 year old in a baby…sorry ‘big boy’ body, even now as I write this he walked up to me and said “bath” and started pulling his clothes and diaper off. He decided it was bath time! I just think he skipped the toddler stage all-together and so here are my big boys easter pics.

phillips family

here is your sneak peek of an amazing photoshoot this past weekend. keep an eye out for this amazing family and amazing story.
this is taylor…she’s a natural!

and her wonderful parents…chaney and jessica

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