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{family session} the stanford family

this session was seriously so much fun…their 19 month and three year old definitely kept me on my toes for sure!! But can you say the cutest family EVER?! we deciding to do the shoot in Rice Village because we wanted a more urban feel, and i’ve always wanted to take some pics by this bright blue wall!

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your beautiful family :)

i love the one above because they are trying to have a ‘moment’ and the kids are trying to distract them! that’s life with toddlers :)
the image below was taken by their little girl…she’s my youngest intern!

{B.I.G Love} craig

There are few instances in my life when I am so inspired by something that I don’t have anything to say. I feel like that right now. As many of you know my family started the organization B.I.G Love Cancer Care Services, over the last couple of years I have enjoyed getting the opportunity to serve with them in different ways. When I started my photography business I knew that I had been given a gift from God and I looked for ways to share it with other people. When I approached B.I.G Love about partnering with them and using my photography in any way that I could, I underestimated the great impact it would have on me. It is so humbling to be able to give someone a gift that they didn’t think they would get, and something that I never take for granted.

When I first got to the hospital I saw Craig’s door all decorated in Halloween stuff and I knew that he was going to be fun. He is into many different sports so we had to include his tennis, football (or soccer to you Americans ;) ) and cycling hats. The big tub in the pictures is filled with 1,000 origami cranes that Craig’s friend hand made for him, they are for good luck – and of course we had Craig’s mum in there for some of the pictures too!

thank you so much for letting me take pictures of you, I look forward to seeing you again soon :)

If you would like to keep up with Craig on Caring Bridge click here

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