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gracen’s first haircut

For the last 20 months of my son’s life we have not cut his hair once. We really planned to grow it out long, but after talking with other mum’s we decided to cut his hair so that it could be all one length to grow it out again. As you can see by the top left pic his hair had gotten pretty crazy in the back!
I totally thought I was gonna cry but I didn’t! We went to the best place called Snip-it’s Sugar Land and if you have kids and live in the area I highly recommend it. The people were awesome and they had fun toys, videos and snacks to keep the kids occupied while their hair is being cut. So here is Gracen’s first haircut ;)

{baby session} josiah

Last weekend, along with the wedding I got to have a mini session with my nephew Josiah. It was supposed to be his 3 month portraits, but turned out to be closer to 4 months ;) He is such an adorable, smiley baby…look at those cheeks! And yes, he was born with more hair than my child had at 18 months!

he is so strong!

smile :D

almost crawling ;)

we had to get a pic with his favorite blankie

and here he is with my 19-month old little boy Gracen – can you tell they are cousins?!


I know this post is way more pictures than normal for my sneak peek…but I just couldn’t help myself!

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