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project 52: week four

family is…hard

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I’m just gonna have to admit it. Last night, sitting in bed I realized that today was Friday and I cringed. I’m loving doing this project but this week just threw me for a loop.

So here it is, the real truth. Family is hard. There are hard weeks and hard seasons, no one said that having a family would ever be easy. In fact having a family is harder than anything I’ve ever done.

This week there has been car trouble, camera trouble, constant back pain and one majorly fussy little 15 month old! The one bright spot in my week was that Gabriel came home from his business trip early which allowed me to have some kind of break (aka he held Darby the whole time I was cooking dinner so she wasn’t at my feet screaming). I can’t really figure out if it’s cause Darby’s last four teeth are coming in (but she got through her molars fine?!) or if she’s entering a new phase of toddler-dom where she doesn’t want to nap or eat and constantly needs to be held…I’m praying it’s the former cause that gives me some hope for the future – especially for when the new baby comes!

It’s also hard because now she wants to get around and be independent but doesn’t know how to fully communicate yet. Take the other day for example. She’s obsessed with shoes, and wants to wear all of them all the time. So she brings me a pair of shoes and sits down and says “shoe, shoe”…so I put them on her. Then she goes and finds another shoe that she wants to wear, brings it to me sits down and says “shoe, shoe”…so I take one of the shoe off and put the new shoe on. She freaks out. She doesn’t understand that it a physical impossibility to wear three shoes at one time and this continues for at least 30 minutes with big tantrums (yep, she learned how to do that this week!) and screaming until she is distracted by something else.

I know that all of you reading this who have kids have been here, that’s the comforting thing. This is just a normal part of family life. Hard stuff is normal, things breaking (and costing stupid amounts of money) is normal, kids being whiny and fussy is normal. That allows me to relax and take a deep breath while I’m sitting here, listening to her scream in her crib because she doesn’t want to nap. We will get through this because that’s what family is. It’s hard but if you stick at it and fight to have the best attitude you can muster, and realize that everything will work out in the end; everything will be fine.

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//inspiration for project 52 came from styleberry blog//

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project 52: week three

family is…an adventure

Today we are traveling to Houston, I wasn’t able to get my ‘official’ photo up in time – but this one will have to do for the next couple of days.

We are not a ‘normal’ family – at least I don’t think we are! This is the 14th place we’ve lived in in 6 years, the 5th city, the 3rd state. I guess you could say we are nomadic by nature – we’ve always said that if the Lord told us to move we’d sell everything we have and move in a heartbeat. I believe this is something that Gabriel and I set at the very foundation of our relationship. We never get too comfortable, we never hold onto ‘stuff’ (or places, or people) very tightly and we are always willing to sell it all and go. Of course we know that there will come a day when we might ‘settle down’…maaaaybe when our kids start school but then again, ya never know!

I basically describe our life as crazy, you never know what is coming next and we like it that way (most of the time). So Gabriel just got back this week from Springfield, we are headed to Houston for the weekend and then next week Gabriel will be headed to St. Louis. I know it’s gonna be a pretty exhausting few weeks (and has been) but I wouldn’t change our family for the world…never too settled…always up for adventure.

*inspiration for project 52 came from styleberry blog

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