christmas ornament re-purposing pt.2

The next installment of my ornament re-purposing was inspired by this ornament at Anthropologie. I was actually shocked at how easy this was to do but I have some specific tips for you guys on how to successfully (and less messily – is that a word?!) accomplish this.

All you need is:
-ornaments you no longer like
-elmer’s glue (or ‘white school glue’)
-a paper cup
-an old paintbrush (optional)

Now before we go forward I just want to apologize for the quality of the pictures in this post. As some of you may know we traveled to Springfield this week and when I got here I realized I didn’t have my camera cord – so the pictures in this post are brought to you by iPhone ;) I will be updating better pictures as soon as I get back into town.

In the paper cup mix the Elmer’s Glue and water at a 50/50 ratio. I used about a 1/3 bottle and managed to do two small and two large ornaments.

With my first attempt at the ornament I was worried that the color of the ornament would show through so I attempted to put a ‘base’ or toilet paper with glue underneath the newspaper, this actually made the whole process messier and was a waste of time – so no need to do that ;)

I didn’t use a paintbrush with mine but it was very messy so if your worried about mess, use a paintbrush. The biggest thing with this craft is preparation, I was so excited to get started that I just started going and then had to try and rip strips of newspaper with glue all over my fingers! So I washed my hands and started over!
Choose a page from the newspaper with a large block of text and rip around all the edges so that there isn’t a lot of white space.

Then rip the newspaper into strips, going with the lines of text. I recommend doing a few wide (2 inch) strips and also some small (1/2 – 1 inch) strips and also some random smaller pieces to fill in the gaps. Just make sure you have a variety of sizes so that you’re not ripping newspaper with your teeth when your covered in glue (yes, I totally did this!)

I found that the easiest way to distribute the glue was to first dip the newspaper strip in the glue, then spread it out over the ornament. I usually used two wide strips that criss-crossed over each other and wrapped the whole was around and then used to smaller strips to cover the tops and even to wrap around the middle sometimes. Make sure you are rubbing your finger (or paintbrush) over the entire surface of the newspaper so that there are no bubbles, be a little gentle though cause you don’t want the newspaper to rip.

The newspaper will look a little opaque at this point, but don’t worry when it dries it won’t be. I only did 2 (sometimes 3) layers of newspaper on each ornament and none of the color is showing through.

My original idea was to make the newspaper be straight around the ornament, but in actuality it’s impossible to make paper completely straight around a round ornament!

So here it is!

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