darby lowe : 15 months

I haven’t done this yet on the blog but I thought it would be fun to have a new feature that tracks the growth of our little ones.
Since Darby got her first black eye after a mishap involving a laundry basket and her big brother (!!) I’m going to wait for a little bit to do her ‘official’ 15 month photos – until then these instagram pics of her over the last few months will have to do :)

Darby is now 18.8lbs which is the -2% on the CDC growth chart (which is the growth chart used by most pediatricians). Our pediatrician is not too concerned because she is on the upward climb – her growth kind of stalled out at 9 months which was a concern, but since then she has grown well. She is also 15% for weight on the WHO chart so we really aren’t concerned – she’s just little ;)
She is also 29″ long (16%) and her head is 18″ (45%)

Words Darby can say: Mama, Dadda (and Daddy), Gracen, Bear, Ball, Night night, Bath, All done, More, Juice, Milk, Nap, Baby, Diaper, Dog, Teeth, Nose, and Eyes but pretty much repeats any word we ask her to say.

She is doing great with sign language, signing and saying all done, more, milk, and juice. She knows the sign for please an thank you but refuses to say the word when she signs them. We are still working on the sign for sorry.

When she turned a year old she had four top teeth and two in the middle on the bottom, and had all four molars. Since then her lower “lateral incisors” are coming in. She also took her first steps at about a year and is walking all the time now.

At night time I can tell her it’s time to brush her teeth – she says “teef” and smacks her lips together (trying to gnash her teeth!) and crawls up the stairs and heads to the bathroom.
She knows what Nap and “Night night” are and when I tell her it’s time she will go around and give everyone kisses and crawl up the stairs to her room – she rarely cries when I put her in the crib and she still sucks her index finger to go to sleep.

She is starting to learn about animals and LOVE dogs – when she hears a dog bark she will say “dog!” and bark along. When we ask her what a dog, cat or cow says she can make the correct sound for them. We are still working on monkey but she loves to say “ooh ooh aah aah”.

One of her favorite things is music. If she is fussy singing will usually cheer her up and she dances anytime she hears music. I think her favorite song is “something in the water” by Brooke Fraser, as soon as she hears that song she joins in on the “do do do’s” and “ah ah’s” of the chorus.

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