{e-session} kelsey+mandy

this post is particularly special to me because mandy and i have been friends for about 4 years now, and also because they have an amazing love story! kelsey and mandy went to school together in arkansas, and in first grade mandy remembers writing “i love kelsey dime” all over the front of her notebooks…well 13 years after they last saw each other they added each other as facebook friends, and when mandy was planning a trip to dallas she asked all her friends that were in the area for advice on what places to check out, kelsey responded and became her ‘tour guide’ for the trip…and the rest is history! they both know without a doubt that it was God that brought them together and being a part of this amazing story is a blessing to me. Even though it was rainy the day of their session, we still soldiered on and their love for each other is so evident. And of course, we had to try and get a pick of their ‘blended’ family, kelsey’s dog was more interested in what was under the chair, but we managed to get them all together in the end!

kelsey and mandy, thank you so much for having me be a part of your exciting story – i can’t wait for you upcoming wedding ;)

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