{e-session} matt+rachel

I met matt+rachel a few months ago and liked them instantly, their personalities are a perfect balance for each other. We decided to do this engagement session in Hermann Park, which was a first for me but as we dodged 3 other couples on their sessions also, i realized that this was a pretty popular place! Matt+Rachel enjoy reading, so when they brought books along with them I just had to include them…their choices were pretty interesting, and I could barely take pictures I was laughing so hard when Matt started reading aloud from his book (you’ll have to scroll down to see which book it was ;) )
anyways, on to the preview…thanks matt+rachel for being willing to do whatever i asked of you! I’m sooooo looking forward to your wedding next month :)
p.s. how amazing are both their eyes…gorgeous?! AYKM?!

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