{halloween} my little giraffe

happy halloween!

my little boy turns 2 next month, I can’t believe it! Most of you may have seen my updates and tweets about my recent potty training ‘journey’. The advice that I’d been given told me to buy ‘big boy underwear’ and tell him not do go potty and mess it up, and that he would be so grossed out by that he would start going in the potty from then on. Well, my little boy sat on the floor in my living room (lucky for me we have tile floor) splashing in a puddle of pee!! He thought it was hilarious! So needless to say that method DID NOT work for my son, and I’ve resided myself to taking him to the potty for 5 minutes every 30 minutes and it seems to be working pretty well…I’m sure he’ll hate me for telling the world this when he’s a teenager! Anyways, he’s growing up and I figure this is the last year that I will get to put him in a ‘cutesy’ costume…from now on he’ll probably be a ninja, batman, or spiderman :) so here’s to my growing boy :)

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