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you may remember this post about the changes I decided to make for a healthier diet. This past week we started strong and I tried a lot of new recipes that we loved, here are the links to them:

englexas eats recipe blog - healthy granola
this healthy granola recipe is absolutely delicious and makes a whole bunch! I added some dark chocolate chips when the granola was cooling. It makes a great breakfast with milk or yogurt or even a snack for the road.

englexas eats recipe blog - spinach potato frittata
our favorite breakfast recently is spinach and potato frittata it’s a great way to get some healthy spinach into the kids diet. I usually half the recipe for me and the kids.

englexas eats recipe blog - whole grain morning glory muffins
I made a double batch of whole grain morning glory muffins this week so that I could freeze a batch for when the baby gets here. I substituted the sugar with palm sugar to make them a little healthier.

englexas eats recipe blog - massaged kale salad
we tried this massaged kale salad for lunch this week, I added chicken and avocado and it was delicious!

englexas eats recipe blog - healthy homemade hummus
I’ve been enjoying some of the Engine 2 Diet Recipes, especially this oil-free hummus recipe that is also vegan. I used it as a spread in my healthy lunch wrap.

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