instagram pics of the week

each Sunday I will be posting a quick recap of my week via Instagram, you can follow me over there – my username is englexas

*jewelry haul :) *nutella s’mores rock my face off *snuggling with my boy

*trying out a new breakfast *figuring out straws

*special treats for the birthday boy
*lots of crafts coming up on the blog this week

*model airplanes *kite flying

*latest food obsessions
*today’s orange and grey

This next week I will be travelling to Springfield, MO (hoping to get to check out Red Velvet!) and the week after to Houston, TX – I’ll keep you all updated on the fun things I find as I travel – and also the promised crafting posts for Christmas Decorations that I am SO excited about!

As always, feel free to post any questions or comments below :)

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