march photo a day challenge recap

Here is my review of this months March Photo a Day Challenge. Here is the January & February recap and my Instagram. I found this month pretty difficult, although I’ve got to say that I’m super proud of myself for never missing a day this whole three months! It’s very rare for me to stick to something consistently for this long, and honestly that’s the main reason I want to keep going with it! I’m also having trouble being ‘inspired’ by some of the posts and having a hard time not repeating myself. This month for the ‘animal’ I did one of the kids toys, so when a few days later the theme was ‘toys’ I felt kind of silly posting another picture of a toy. But there is no way that I’m gonna be able to take the time to plan a whole month ahead of time, I just look the challenge up each day and take a pic of what inspires me. Although some days I’ve forgotten until dinner time which makes me mad because pics taken without natural light are never as good, but that’s just the photographer in me.

I also am proud that I’ve only ever used my iPhone. I was looking at some peoples Instagram stream today drooling over their gorgeous photos when I realized that they were actually taken with their ‘professional’ camera and uploaded to instagram – not to be all judgey but it kinda feels like cheating to me…I like the challenge of only being able to use my iPhone. Anyway that’s my little rant over…here’s what you really came to see ;)

instagram march photo a day challenge  #MARCHphotoaday*up *fruit *your neighborhood *bedside *a smile *5pm *something you wore

instagram march photo a day challenge  #MARCHphotoaday*window *red *loud *someone you talked to today *fork *a sign *clouds *car

instagram march photo a day challenge  #MARCHphotoaday*sunglasses *green *a corner of your home *funny *before/after *delicious *kitchen sink *moon(or lack of!)

instagram march photo a day challenge  #MARCHphotoaday*an animal *breakfast *key *your name *trash *feet *toy *where you relax

And fatmumslim has created an April photo a day challenge, if you would like to join just follow the daily suggestions (below) and tag your images #photoadayAPRIL. I’m always looking for new friends to follow so if you have an Instagram just add your username in the comments :)

photo a day april

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