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I posted here and here about my lack of maternity wear. And I’ve got to admit it, around 28 weeks I started to feel really uncomfortable with still wearing regular jeans and a belly band. I got into a little bit of a style rut and was overall just not feeling good about myself. I’m not one of those women who sail their way through pregnancy glowing. I feel big and uncomfortable and my skin breaks out like a teenage boy – it’s just not pretty, so I tend to struggle with feeling that way while pregnant.

I posted about some maternity style options here and finally got to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore – I had to get something comfortable to wear! GAP maternity jeans came highly recommended but the price tag was not desirable, then I found a pair of maternity skinny jeans on sale and had a 40% off coupon for them – it was a no brainer! Because I’m so short {5’4″) I decided to get the ‘ankle’ length, and they fit perfectly! What was amazing about this purchase was how much of an impact it made on me – it’s amazing what a simple pair of jeans can do to your confidence! I immediately felt more comfortable and at ease, having to constantly pull up my regular jeans and fix my belly band was exhausting! I would highly recommend to any pregnant women out there to invest in a good pair of maternity jeans that you actually feel comfortable in – it will make the world of difference I promise!

Gap Maternity Jeans
maternity jeans – GAP//shirt and oxfords – target

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