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Today I had my worst mama moment in my 4 short years. I was getting the kids in the car for the grocery store and had to put their car seat in because I traded cars with my husband for the day. I got Darby’s seat in first, buckled her up and when I closed her door I heard a “beep!”…like a door locking beep. I instantly started checking all the doors and flew into “mom mode”. Sure enough, my 15 month old was locked in the car. Darby at this time was actually laughing in the car thinking that I was just playing peek-a-boo with her as I was peering into the window while trying to see where the key could be. I completely unloaded the contents of my purse onto the floor of the car port trying to figure out if I maybe, just maybe had put the keys back into my purse before I closed the door. Then I called Gabriel to ask what I should do…his advice was to call 911. That’s when I kinda started freaking out. And can I just admit that I was also a little freaked out with the reality of having to smash my husbands car window in, I mean really? replacing a car window is expensive folks!

At that moment I peered back into the window to check on Darby and saw her smiling up at me with the key in her hand. I then started trying to tell her to press the buttons through the window and to my surprise after about 39 seconds she started pressing them. First she pressed the lock button again, so I continue to coach her saying “press the key Darby”…I realize now how silly it was that I was trying to convince a toddler to press the buttons but at this point it was my best chance. After the longest minute of my life she pressed the unlock button! And in shock and pure joy I pulled the door open as fast as I could. I still can’t quite believe the craziness of this story!

Let that be a lesson to us all, keep your keys close ;)

Have any of you had scary mom moments like this?!

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