{personal} BIG announcement*s*

For those of you who have been wondering why my posts have been few and far between recently, this post will explain it all!! March has been a CRAZY month and there are lots of changes that I need to let you all know about!

Firstly, englexas photography is no longer just Debbie Mayes, it is now both Gabriel and Debbie Mayes – this was always the original plan for englexas…me being from england and gabriel being from texas represents “us” but now finally Gabriel is able to devote the time needed to be an integral part of englexas photography. So you will be seeing a lot more of him around here and all future weddings will be covered by “us” :)
Which leads me to our next announcement…we are now in Little Rock, Arkansas. Most of you have seen my work with BIG Love Cancer Care Services on the blog before and this organisation has increasingly become a bigger part of our heart and life, so we have become a part of a team that will be working in Arkansas Children’s Hospital through BIG Love. We will be travelling back and forth between Little Rock and Houston each month over the next year to fulfill all the weddings and sessions that we already have booked, and we will still be booking more sesssions in the Houston area during our visits – so don’t forget to email us for open dates.
And finally…phew! We also found out that we will be expecting our second child late 2010 (no due date yet ;) ) We are so excited about our new addition and all that comes with being parents of 2! Gracen is particularly excited about being a big brother!
So as you can see this year is going to be pretty action-packed…stay tuned to the blog to keep track of our crazy life! You will see lots of changes to the blog and website over the next few weeks to reflect all of our new announcements!

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