pregnancy 16 weeks

Here it is, the first of many pregnancy posts :)
Today marks 16 weeks for me, and our little avocado! I think I’m long overdue to share some of my favorite pregnancy remedies that I have discovered so far.

With my first pregnancy I was pretty sick and with the last one I was extremely sick…my midwife recommended Gingera to me, it was one of those things where I kept meaning to order it but never quite got around to it. So this time around I decided to go ahead and get it right in the beginning. And oh my goodness I have no idea why I waited so long! I literally was sick every single day of my first trimester with my last pregnancy, and with this one every time I got nauseous I took some Gingera, and within 15 mins I was fine – I haven’t thrown up at all. Not once! The best part about it is that Gingera is natural AND it’s also great for heartburn – which has already attacked in the beginning of my second trimester. I got my Gingera at

Papaya tablets (chewable) are also another great, natural remedy for heartburn. The thing that I have learned about ‘normal’ heartburn remedies is that they actually prolong heartburn by stopping the acid from producing, which leaves the food undigested in your stomach so at your next meal your body is trying to process the last meal and the one you are eating. This compounds the whole problem and you end up with continual heartburn! Papaya enzymes actually help your body digest the food faster so that you don’t have the excess acid. I used this remedy in my previous pregnancy and it’s a total lifesaver! I just carry them in my purse with me and now if I know I’m eating something that will likely give me heartburn (pizza, spicy food etc) I take one before I even start eating so it stops the problem before I even feel it!

I also wanted to mention that you should really be careful about where you buy your supplements, one time I ran out of the Papaya tablets so I got some at Walgreens and found that they did not work at all! A lot of times with supplements from chain/grocery stores they have been sitting on a shelf for a really long time so their effectiveness decreases. Health food stores or vitamin supply stores are the best place to get your supplements – this is my favorite brand of Papaya tablets found here

I’ve also received questions about whether I will be doing a home birth this time around after my experience with Darby’s birth and the answer is ABSOLUTELY! Having had both a hospital and home birth experience I will say that there is very little that would ever convince me to have any of my future children in a hospital setting. We will be using Birth Works this time too, and we couldn’t be more excited!

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