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Last Friday marked 26 weeks for this pregnancy and since I haven’t updated since 16 weeks I thought I’d give a quick update on my progress.

This past week was super busy for our family so today I took it a little easier than normal today, that’s why my 26 week pic above is au naturale…what I look like on my ‘off’ days. Hair up, no makeup, sweatshirt and leggings!

The usual back pain, heartburn (terrible heartburn!), sleepless nights, feeling huge and all that good stuff that usually only crops up in the last trimester is already plaguing me – I hear that it’s pretty common to feel the negative side effects earlier with the more pregnancies you have.

For Valentine’s Day Gabriel took me to Target to buy me a new shirt to make me feel better, and with everything I tried on I felt worse and worse about how big I was…so we headed to the shoe section. I didn’t find any shoes I liked so I ended up leaving with some sweat pants!

I’m definitely starting to get nervous about our new arrival. No so much the new baby part, but the 3RD BABY part and the fact that Darby will only be 19 months when we have him. Gracen was 3 years old when I had Darby, he was already pretty independent and potty trained so needless to say I’m super nervous about how young Darby will be when this next one arrives. Most people tell me that the first two years are really hard but once they are both walking and potty trained it will be great cause they will be able to entertain each other. So…basically the first two years are gonna be terrible – is that what I’m hearing?! I definitely would appreciate any advice from moms who have been down this road before :)

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