project 52: week five

family is…the little things

project 52: week 5 englexas lifestyle blog - 52 week photography project

…like coming home from work for thirty minutes to take a little break and wrestle with your kids :)

Isn’t this just the image of the best dad ever?! When life is crazy and busy and stressful all you need is to take a break for 30 minutes and play with your kids. These little moments are what our kids will remember for the rest of their life. Not how much money we have, or how healthy they ate, or even how cool their clothes are.

This week was so much better…yeah this happened and Darby was still being a cranky teether but I think more than anything I had a change of attitude, which turned around what could’ve been another hard week.

I’m starting to really realize how much your outlook and attitude can change your situation. Honestly, reading complaining status updates on Facebook and blog posts really made me check myself. I see so many times people talking about how hard their life is because of so and so circumstance and the majority of the time whatever they are going through I or at least 5 other people I know are facing the same things too. Like I talked about last week here, life is hard and there is always going to be some kind of difficulty but realizing that everyone else is facing (or have faced) similar circumstances helps me to stay positive and know that so many people have survived much much worse than what I am facing, and are happy.

I am reminded of the verse in Matthew 25:21 that says “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” and I think to myself if I don’t show myself faithful (and without grumbling and complaining) then how can I be given more?

Of course I am not advocating everyone acting like everyone is ok and not sharing their problems, any of you that know me well knows that I hate that. But there is definitely a difference in attitude and how you share things that can either show you as a light inside of hard circumstances or as a drain on the people around you.

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