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**catching up from the last few weeks MONTH! (yikes!). These posts were written at the time and do not reflect current events…pretty much you know the ending of the story already ;) **

This week we celebrated my firstborn sons fifth birthday…did you hear that?! FIVE! I think I might still be in shock about the whole thing. I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that first of all, I have a child (well, three actually) and secondly, that he’s a freakin’ five year old! When did this happen to me? When did I become an almost 30 year old, almost married for 10 years and a mother of three…THREE children and a 5 year old. What the what?! Can you tell I’m in shock?! Time has just flown by these last 10 years and sometimes I feel like Gabriel and I have just started dating, then a screaming child usually busts me out of that fantasy real quick ;)

But in all seriousness my firstborn son is an absolute gift. He is kind, generous, passionate, strong willed, intelligent and sensitive. We joke sometimes about his personality because he has some completely opposing traits (this is due to his daddy and I having such opposing personalities I’m sure!)…how is such a sensitive kid so strong willed? And how can such a generous child be so determined? He has taught me so much about myself, life and people in general. He is more than I could ever have dreamt my child would be and I’m blessed to be his mama.

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