project 52: week forty one

family is…something you can look back on

project 52: week forty is something to look back on

**catching up from the last few weeks**

So last week we took a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch with Gracen’s school. It was so much fun and I got some really great pictures, then I realized…I didn’t take one picture of me and Gracen together. When he looks back on that day (through pictures) there isn’t even any evidence of my even being there and then I immediately felt so sad. I mean, yeah, he does have pictures of his trip, which is awesome…but in doing so I’ve kinda demoted myself to just the person that took the pictures.

Being a parent forces you to think about the future. Not just “how will we provide for their future?” and other material things like that…but also “how will we discipline them now so that they will be obedient as they grow” and as I posted last week, “what will they remember from now?”. Last week I read this article and it took my thinking to a whole other level. Not just what will they remember, but what will they have to show their kids…right now my kids will have a whole bunch of pictures of them. None of me, and not many of us as a family! How sad is that?! As a photographer I am the one behind the camera, we have actually never had family pictures taken by anyone and the only pictures we have of all of us together were taken with a timer…we don’t even have a family picture since Deacon was born 4 months ago! Yikes…I’m embarrassed to admit that! So here’s me, realizing the problem…and promising to do better.

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