project 52: week forty seven

family is…community

project 52: week forty is community

**catching up from the last few weeks MONTH! (yikes!). These posts were written at the time and do not reflect current events…pretty much you know the ending of the story already ;) **

One thing that I have learnt over the past year is how truly important community is. A weird thing happens when you become a mama…all of a sudden it becomes really difficult to hang out with your friends. I mean, logistically getting 2 (or more) mamas in the same room with at least two young children is already chaotic. But then trying to get to know each other while your kids run amok? Not to mention the sheer exhaustion from just getting everyone ready to leave the house looking presentable. Or even worse, the effort it takes to get your own house presentable for guests to come over?! no thank you! But I came to a point where I realized that all this home body stuff was just getting me and the kids down. We needed to make connections with others, we needed community.

I got the crazy idea one evening that I would get outside of my introvert self and invite some friends over. They were the kind of friends that we always told “we just HAVE to hang out” and never actually followed through. How many of those friends do you have in your life?! I wanted to make sure that this wasn’t a negative experience. I knew if they (or I for that matter) felt stress or pressure about the meeting that it would never continue. The next morning I sent out a very simple facebook message letting them know that they did not need to put on make up or be ‘ready’, they could even come in their PJ’s and more than likely my house would be a mess and I would be in my PJ’s too! Giving everyone the permission to not try to be their perfect selves gave us all so much freedom and it was truly a time of fun and community. We didn’t have to worry about our kids misbehaving, disciplining our kids in front of each other and got to share openly about insecurities and failings. I keep being reminded of the phrase “it takes a village” over and over again. I feel like as a culture we have gone further and further away from this and now we are all stuck in our own homes, raising our own kids, thinking everyone else is doing it better than we are and we’re going crazy! There is so much freedom to be found when we are open and honest with others about our failings and our struggles, when you do open up you will realize that everyone is struggling with something and more often that not, the same thing!

This was one of the biggest lessons I learned this year. To push myself, to get outside of myself and not be afraid of being ‘me’.

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