project 52: week forty six

family is…moving

project 52: week forty six family is...moving

**catching up from the last few weeks MONTH! (yikes!). These posts were written at the time and do not reflect current events…pretty much you know the ending of the story already ;) **

This week we packed up everything we owned into a POD unit. It was crazy to watch all of the stuff we owned fit into this little box. When you pack all this ‘stuff’ up you really realize how little it matters. Our plan as of right now is to stay with friends this week until our trip to the UK and then when we get back we’ll meet up with our POD unit at our new home, which we haven’t found yet! Our life right now is a crazy adventure but we are SO looking forward to our trip to England I haven’t really thought much about the fact that we won’t have a home when we come back!

The home that we are leaving behind was my favorite home that we have lived in so far, it was the home where our 3rd baby was born, the house with my favorite room ever, the sunroom where most of the pictures on this blog were taken and it had plenty of room to have a playroom so we could have lots of fellowship while the kids played safely.

Goodbye sweet home…and on to the next!

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//inspiration for project 52 came from styleberry blog//

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