project 52: week forty

family is…joy

project 52: week is joy.

**catching up from the last few weeks**

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what our children will remember when they are older. Gracen is turning five next month and that is how old I was in the earliest memory I have. So this might sound silly but for the last few weeks I’ve made it a point to tickle each of my children, everyday. I don’t want a day to go buy where they don’t laugh. I want our house to be filled with joy, my prayer recently is that God would fill our house with joy and peace.

The last few months have been pretty rough, I’ve felt totally off my game as both a wife and mom. Now that Deacon is approaching 5 months things feel like they are starting to get to a new normal for us. I’m actually getting things accomplished these days and that is a HUGE step!! I’ve started to set some habits in motion so that we can have some more consistency in our life. Simple things like making it a point to say “we are thankful for today” every time I drive down my driveway…I find having these ‘mental cues’ in my life really helps me to stay on track.

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//inspiration for project 52 came from styleberry blog//

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