project 52: week fourteen

family is…letting them fly

project 52: week fourteen - family is...letting them fly
We are at a really strange (for us) stage with our first born. He is turning 5 in the fall so he’s really getting into this ‘big boy’ phase. In some ways it’s hard to see them grow up and start to get their independence, but then again I love it. I love that he is starting to be brave enough to do his own thing, his personality is developing including his likes and dislikes. It’s an exciting stage! This week he was picked to film a short commercial for a local company. As I was with him at the shoot I made a conscious effort to step back and just be there. It was kind of painful to not jump in as the mama and give him direction or make sure he was doing the right thing. But in stepping back and just letting him do it I found an amazing thing. He did it. He took direction from other adults, he had a good attitude, he had a great time and every so often he looked over at me for some reassurance. It actually makes me kind of teary eyed thinking about it now, sometimes it’s so hard for me to not see him as my little baby still and he surprises me all the time. I think that it’s so important as a family to just let our kids fly, to let them test the waters and see what they are capable of because when they do that they will find confidence in who they are.

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