project 52: week nine

family is…taking time to recharge

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Today we left for our weekend getaway just Gabriel and I. This is major because the last break that we had was 2 years ago, right before Darby was born – and I have never been away from Darby for more than a few hours her whole life. This mama needed a break before our next arrival in May!! So Gabriel’s mom came into town from Tulsa last night to hold down the fort while we go to Hot Springs for the weekend and we are SO EXCITED! It couldn’t have come at a better time…

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about selflessness. Reading articles and such about how women are more apt to be selfless and therefore get burnt out more easily because many people have the perception that if they are taking any time for themselves at all, they are being selfish. I think this is such a hard balance to find as a wife and mom and I’ve recently been feeling majorly out of whack in this area. It’s the age old principal they tell you in the emergency run through on a flight – put your mask on first before helping anyone else, because if you can’t breathe, you won’t be any help to anyone else! I think it’s so important as families (especially moms!) to take some time to take care of yourself so that you can be a better wife, mom and friend to everyone. We all know that if mama is exhausted and burnt out then everyone is miserable too – I learned that first hand recently! I’ve been trying to be really conscious of my own personal needs, not feeling the need to be super woman, but cultivating peace for myself so that I don’t get burnt out. Something that has really been helpful to me is instead of getting on the computer in the afternoon I’ve been sitting down to read a book for at least 30 mins, it’s amazing how that little amount of time to just ‘be’ can really make my day feel so much better. And also going on walks (now that the sun is shining!! Yipee!!) and prenatal yoga, total stress reliever!

It’s something that is important for me to teach my kids about family – everyone needs time to recharge. Whether it’s an hour to go read a book and drink a coffee, a day to shop by yourself or even a weekend getaway. We will all be better people, and therefore a better family if we take some time to recharge ourselves.

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