project 52: week nineteen

family is…having patience

project 52: week nineteen - family is...having patience
I’m gonna go ahead and admit that this week has been really tough. Technically my due date is May 25th which was determined by ultrasound, but by my calculations my due date is May 14th and I’ve been measuring a week ahead (of the May 25th due date) this whole pregnancy. Also, Gracen was born 10 days early and Darby was a week early so I somehow got it in my head that this baby would also be early. So this past week when we had gotten all our supplies together I just expected for it to ‘happen’ and for me to go into labor and have our little one because we were ready. When it didn’t happen the way I thought it should I started to get kinda down, the pressure that I placed on myself started to get a little overwhelming. The worst thing about this is that I know better, I know that my body will not ease into labor with all this added pressure, I know that there is no way on earth that I want any chemicals in my body forcing my body into labor and I know that when my little one is ready, he will come. I read one of my birthing books last night that helped me refocus and reminded me that the reason labor starts is because the baby produces a hormone that lets my body know that he is ready to come. Even if I am ready and my body is ready, we are waiting for him to be ready to greet this world…and that is worth waiting for. It’s much easier said than done but for now I’m going to relax and keep reminding myself that he will come when he is ready. I guess this is my first lesson in having patience with my newest little one ;)

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