project 52: week one

I’ve always admired the people who do those 365 projects and manage to take a picture every single day of the whole year, I’ve always thought it was cool – but I always knew that there was no way I would ever be able to complete something like that. So last week I was reading styleberry blog and she inroduced me to project 52, and I knew it was something that I could manage! This next year is going to involve a whole lot of change for our family. Gabriel is cutting back on his other commitments so that he can be more focused on family time, we are having our third baby in May (!!), and our lease ends in September…lots of unknowns. I’m really excited to capture this crazy year of our family, but isn’t every year a crazy year?!

So here is my week one:

family is…new

This year our family will grow by one more, it’s crazy to say that out loud…another baby! So family is new…always growing, always changing and always striving to be better.

Today marks 20 weeks of pregnancy for me – 20 WEEKS!! That means I’m halfway done already – which I cannot wrap my brain around! I think that because I didn’t know I was pregnant for so long it has made this whole thing fly by that much faster. Before we know it our little Boy will be here!

Things have been going great in my second trimester…the occasional back ache and heartburn but I’m trying to enjoy every moment I can. I was laying in bed last night feeling his little squirms and kicks and I thought to myself…”that is a person, a little tiny person!”. I know this is my third baby and all, but that never gets old. I’m growing a little human being right now, it still amazes me!

So here’s to this year and it’s exciting journey! I would love for any of you to join me on this 52 week project so post in the comments your link and I will check yours out too!

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